Linear motion shale shaker at AIPU for sale

Linear motion shale shaker is still the main type shaker operated all over the world. What linear shaker is at AIPU?

Linear motion shale shaker specification

Linear motion shaker is the solids or cuttings move forward like straight line under motor vibration force. The linear motion shaker hold high efficiency when there is large quantity drilling fluid. However, it’s easy to block screen mesh or cause fluid lose

The linear motion shale shaker is driven by 2 same power motor. And their contrary rotation caused the force elimination. So the mode become linear one.

Linear motion shale shaker

Linear motion shale shaker

AIPU Linear motion shakers

At AIPU, there are different model of shaker. Such as Hunter-MG4, Hunter-MG3, Hunter-Mini, Hunter-D, Hunter-MGD, and so on. Among these shakers, the Hunter-MG4 is the most popular one with linear motion mode.

The dual motion followed close. Why clients appreciate MG4 more and more? Because of the mature design, good performance and high-quality specification. Hunter-MG4 holding 2.73m² screen area. The power is up to 1.86x2kW. The Max.Vibration strength is 7.5G.

Hunter-MG4 Shale shaker

Hunter-MG4 Shale shaker

Hunter-MG4 is the best cost-effective option for all users. For well drilling or work over. For oil and gas or water and geothermal

So we kindly recommend almost users the Hunter-MG4 shaker as their linear motion shaker.

Main features of AIPU shaker

Aipu shakers will be treated under heat treatment. The shakers have been proved as effective at drilling site. The shaker itself weight is proper and reasonable. High flow rate and better performance. Wide range angel adjustment provide better separation result

Linear shakers

Linear shakers

The shaker screens are interchangeable with famous brand shaker, too. Easy to replace screen by one person. Between screen panel and shaker basket, there is dual seal to lead better sealing result.

Please contact AIPU solids control for more details. Such as shaker price, shaker parts, the maintenance cost, and so on. Now there are 2 sets of Hunter-MG4 in stock for sale. The linear motion shale shaker at competitive cost with soon delivery. Come and find more now!


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