Replacement shaker screen for Brandt

Replacement shaker screen is the right screen conform to original screen panel for concerned shaker. What are the main shakers of NOV Brandt? What are the main types of shaker screen?

Replacement shaker screen

Replacement shaker screen

NOV Brandt main shakers

As a famous manufacturer of oil and gas drilling equipment, NOV Brandt is well known all over the globe. Their products including rigs, pumps, drilling mud solids control, and many others. Shale shaker is  rather competitive item among their solids control equipment. The types or model are as following

Cobra, King Cobra series shale shaker

LCM-3D & ATL 1000 shakers

Venom & King Cobra shaker

NOV 4X3 shaker

NOV LCM2D/LM3 shaker

VSM 100 shaker

VSM300 shaker

and etcetera.

NOV Brandt screens

Over 10 types of shale shaker, NOV Brandt produce over 10 models of shaker screens. The screens are not only different on appearance or technique but also different on the screen cloth layers configuration / combination

There are steel framed shaker screen and hook strap shaker screens according to the appearance/technique. There are BHX, RHD, PXL screens according to different screen layers combination. For example, the RHD145 equals to PXL80 and 6BHX110-AT. These difference come from screen cloth combination. Among so many different type of screen there are configuration of rectangular hole mesh, square hole mesh and same mesh but with different diameter wire.

Replacement shaker screen from Aipu

Aipu produce all models of  replacement screen for NOV Brandt shaker. We promise right fit and completely interchangeable screen panel to all users. Including the King Cobra series screen, VSM series screen, LCM shaker screen, the VNM screens, and etc.

The shaker screens are from API 45 to API 400. According to customers’ demand the screen panel can be perforated with hexagonal hole and rectangular hole. For screen appearance, it can be blue, red, gray, or green color, etc. In Aipu the replacement shaker screen for Brandt shakers can last at least 20 days according to our user’s feedback

Please feel free to contact us. You’ll get free sample for test


^NOV Brandt, VSM 300, Cobra, King Cobra and LCM-3D are marks of Varco I/P, Inc.

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