Shaker screen clamping system

Shaker screen clamping system is the device to fix shaker screen.

Shaker screen clamping system type

Different screen is clamped by different clamping system. Such as hook strip screen is the panel with hook side. They will be tensioned by draw bar and tensioning bolts. Some of hook strip screen are tensioned at sides, some of them are tensioned at flow direction ends.

Shaker screen clamping system

Shaker screen clamping system

The framed shaker screen will be pressed by rigid wedge block. We put the screen panel on shaker deck, use a hammer knock block until screen is pressed very tight. For wedge blocked screen, there is a position plate on shaker basket side. Just make sure we install screen per user manual or manufacture’s instruction

Detail of screen clamping system

For shaker screen clamping system, a typical tensioning one is Derrick FLC 2000 shaker.  This tensioning assembly is simple and easy to operation. The draw bar and hook connect each other inside. Tensioning bolts insert into the hole on draw bar. Then turn the bolt perpendicular to hole and screw the nuts on

Another hook strip method is screen tensioned backside.Typical one is FLC500 shaker. The tensioning way is more easier than FLC2000 type. Operator just screw the nuts easily the screen will be released. If we install screen just rotate nut as initial position will be ok

Shaker screen wedge block

Shaker screen wedge block

For multiple decked shaker, there are hydraulic press on screen. When screen need to be changed, may only request operating a handle bar the screen will be released

Aipu screen clamping system

Presently, Aipu shale shaker including Hunter-MG and Hunter-D series shaker. They utilize hook strip screen, as well as wedge blocked screen. For Hunter-D shaker, it’s typical tensioning device. While Hunter-MG shaker install frame screen with wedge blocked shaker.

Both clamping system holding strength and superiority. Clients can select either model shaker they prefer. Considering screen area, and so on. No matter you prefer which type, please let us know for further question or doubt



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