Shaker screens package and shipment arrangement

Shaker screens package will protect screen during transportation and handling. How to arrange package and shipment affairs well?

Shaker screens package type

The package for shaker screen including different material, pattern, layer, appearance, and so on. The shaker screen package type usually decided by screen model, quantity, shipment way. No matter how, the packages will be strong and seaworthy. Lets see the common shaker screen packages.

If framed screen, no matter steel frame or composite frame, we’ll pack them as 1 panel per carton. If hook strip, no matter flat or pyramid panel we’ll pack them as 2 panel per carton. With special requirements, we’ll pack them according to clients’ preference.

shaker screens package

shaker screens package

For external package, it may be plywood box or plywood pallet. Each box or pallet will be packed with 20-30 panels screen, which highs totally below 1.15m. This will provide convenient and easy loading with 2 layers boxes or pallet. Of course, if the quantity is large one up to load in 40’HQ each package can be lower than 1.25m.

Shipment quantity of different shaker screen

Different shaker screens have different screen size, dimension and use different packages. Thus each kind of screen will request different shipping space. For example, the replacement NOV Brandt King Cobra screens. We’ll pack them as 25 panels per pallet. The overall dimension will be about 1280x650x1020mm. For 20’GP container we can load 26 pallet with 650 panels of screen. If load in 40’HQ, we’ll pack it as 30 panels per pallet with overall dimension 1280x650x1200. And load it with 54 pallet of 1620 panels of shaker screen

If we ship replacement Mongoose screen, we’ll pack 20 panels per pallet with over dimension-1195x620x1050mm. For 20’GP container we can load 26 pallet with 520 panels of screen. If load in 40’HQ, we’ll pack it as 25 panels per pallet with overall dimension-1195x620x1250mm. And load it with 56 pallet of 1400 screen panels.

We find different screen with different packages will request different arrangement. The proper package will provide optimal loading arrangement with most quantity and least freight cost on each panel screen

Multi types of screen shipment

Some clients when place order may be on multi types of shaker screen. We should calculate requested space and volume in detail. We can’t get the data based on one small or large type screen. The overall dimension and package issues should be considered throughly.

If you have concerning on the screen shipping cost and time of many types of screen. Please inform us detail for complete calculation and package information. We’ll provide you optimal suggestion at best cost.


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