Difference between linear motion shaker and BEM shaker

Linear motion shaker is the shaker with linear mode vibrating track. BEM shaker is balanced elliptical motion shaker. What is the difference between them?

Linear motion shaker features

Linear motion shaker is fabricated with 2 vibrating motors of same power and same centrifugal force. When we turn it on, the 2 motors will rotate simultaneously at 2 opposite directions.

Under motor force, the drilling fluids with cuttings flow to discharge end with linear motion.

Linear motion shaker

Linear motion shaker

Linear motion shale shaker can handle large quantity drilling mud. It is high-efficient and easy to operate&maintain. It is high vibration strength or high centrifugal force. So we can find, the dewatering shaker or drying shaker is linear motion with large power motors

BEM Shale shaker features

BEM shale shaker is called the 4th generation shaker. It is an upgrade on linear motion shaker. Compared to linear motion shaker, it can handle separation and solids removal better. It eliminates the horse foot effect and mesh blocked situation

For balanced elliptical motion shaker, there are 2 different configuration. One is fit with  2 motors as 1 bigger motor and 1 smaller size motor; the other is 2 same size motors but with one special motor on eccentric blocks.

Dual motion shale shaker

Dual motion shale shaker

More information on shakers

Besides above 2 types of shaker, there are dual motion shaker. It combines their advantages. It can be operated flexibly under different working condition. And for dual motion shaker, it can be 3 motors driven or 2 motors driven. Aipu Hunter-MGD dual motion shaker is easily shift between linear and BEM

For all vibration modes shakers, it can be designed with framed type shaker screen or hook strap one. And they can be single deck or double deck. For the skid, they can be single set or dual tandem shaker, or triple tandem shaker

Aipu also produce the optimal solution on fluids division or distribution box. Aipu shale shakers request a few spare parts and little maintenance cost.

Please feel free to contact AIPU if you have demand on shaker or related items.


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