Mud recycling system for HDD fluids processing

Mud recycling system is the drilling fluids system used in HDD or trenchless project. Recycling drilling fluid will help save cost and protect the environment

Mud recycling system description

In the mud system, there should be shale shaker, hydrocyclone separator, centrifugal pump, agitator, mixing hopper, mud tank, and so on. Some systems will be configured with slurry pump to transfer drilling fluids from pit or borehole to shaker.

Mud recycling system for HDD

Mud recycling system for HDD

HDD mud recycling system compared with oil drilling solids control is more compact and no need on explosion proof. Dirty mud with drilling cuttings will be transferred to the shaker. Clean mud after shaker will be pumped into hydrocyclone separator. Then maintain cleaned fluids for further reuse or compounding new drilling mud

Hydrocyclone separator in HDD mud system

According to different clients’ demand and drilling rig size, there will be different configurations on hydrocyclone separator. Such as 1000GPM flow rate, we’ll make desander cone and desilter cone with the standard bottom shaker. It will be standard mud cleaner. If the flow rate is 200GPM, we will make desilter cone with or without bottom shaker. And the bottom shaker could be mini size or standard size

mud cleaner

Mud cleaner

Furthermore, the hydrocyclone separator could be just desander cone with double deck shaker screen. However, the large size cone will provide better separation performance. Such configuration will be mounted with fine mesh screen for more dry cuttings discharged.

Flexible design on HDD fluids processing system

There is flexible design on HDD mud system. For example, we can make it with many tanks or just with one tank per job site area. Numbers of mud tank will provide sufficient volume and area for complete line mud equipment

Single tank will be more compact taking small area on working place. However, we may need to build multi-floor system or build the system with special equipment to ensure system operation in common.

Flexibility also reflects on system flow rate for different rigs. Such as there are 150GPM system, 300GPM, 500GPM, 1000GPM mud recycling system. Please feel free to contact AIPU solids for more details.


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