Drilling mud mixing and storage system standard

Drilling mud mixing and storage unit are important work group in whole well drilling fluid system. Lets find suggested standard mixing and storage system

Drilling mud mixing general description

The mud mixing and storage system shall build, maintain and store drilling fluid. The system should comprise of the following main items:

  • Drilling mud mixing tank.
  • Mud suction tank.
  • Mud storage tanks.
  • Chemical mix tank.
  • Pill tank.
  • Slug tank.
  • Trip tank.
  • Chemical dosing system.
  • Suction manifold.
  • Agitators.
  • Field instruments.
  • Transfer and mixing manifolds.
  • Transfer and mixing pumps.
  • Trip tank pump.
  • Shear mixing units.
  • Drain manifold.
Drilling mud mixing

Drilling mud mixing

The operational requirements to mixing and storage

  • All Tanks to be equipped with agitators with sufficient turnover rate to prevent settling mud.
  • All tanks shall be equipped with level sensors.
  • Electrical equipment shall be suitable to be located in zone II environment.
  • The chemical dosing system shall consist of 5 feeding stations where 4 stations are combined for dry bulk and liquid. The feeding stations shall be able to feed into two separated mixing lines. The unit shall be able to handle single sacks.
  • The chemicals shall be transported, stored and mixed without any risk for spillage or harmful exposure for personnel.
  • The mud tanks shall be completely covered and ventilated with inspection hatches. The mud tank design shall ensure easy cleaning and easy access.
  • The H.P. shear unit shall be located in the drilling mud mixing tank, chemical mixing tank, and one storage tank.
  • Two separate mixing lines shall be available simultaneously to familitate mixing in both the active and storage system.
  • The trip tank shall be designed to measure volume variance down to 0.1m3 Measurement by two independent systems.
  • Each mud tank shall have possibility to be isolated from the system during maintenance.
  • The agitator gearboxes to be greased.
  • One storage tank and the slug tank to be designed for 2.0s.g. mud. The reminding tanks shall be designed for 1.8s.g. mud.
  • The mud tank top area shall be designed to accommodate two centrifuges.

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