Rig matting board use, fabrication and test

Rig matting board is usually made with wood and steel frame. Sometimes, the mating board can be rubber, polyurethane, or fibreglass material. The wood is Larch or Conifer Pine, and the steel frame is made of high-quality hot rolled carbon steel beam. Steel beam can be H beam or I beam. The size should be 16# or 175# at least.

Rig matting board use

Ria mattings can be used as a drilling rig base, mud pump board, solids control system base, generator support base, and so on. No matter what size of the rig, no matter what ground it is

Rig matting board

Rig matting board

Rig mats replace for the concrete ground place. And matting boards enhanced the efficiency and saved much cost. It can be widely used on different landforms, such as desert, beach, hills and so on.

The place to use rig mattings should be able to bear the pressure over 0.15MPa. And the place lay the matting boards should be 100-200mm higher than drilling site. Surrounding sides of mattings should be set drainage ditch. When we lift mats, all the four corners should be lifted simultaneously.

Drilling rig mats standard

The executive code including wooden materials, hot rolled steel beam, metal welding quality requirements, anti-corrosive wood, drilling site layout, drilling equipment basic specification, and so on

Suggested size including 5x2m, 3x2m, and 4x2m. 5x2m is suitable for derrick base. The steel beam should be I beam larger than 16# or H beam larger than 175#. Wood material strength should be higher than 32.8MPa.

Drilling rig mattings

Drilling rig mattings

The wood beam on mats should be higher than steel frame 10-20mm both upside and backside. Steel beam surface painting oil film thicks above 150microns. The welding quality should conform with GG/T12467.4 or equivalent

How to test and inspect rig mattings

Put the mattings on flat ground with strength loading over 0.15MPa. Then lay materials on the mats gradually last 10 minutes. During whole test check if any deformation or cracking on the rig mats.

The spot inspection is based on 40 panels per batch. Each batch mats should select 2 panels by chance.  If any non-conformance happened, there should be another check on 2 panels again. If still any non-conformance, we define this batch mats are not qualified.

We will deliver about 100 panels rig matting board to an African oilfield drilling site. End user request strictly on whole quality and inspection. They will despatch SGS people to inspect mats per their requirements and agreement

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