Solids control auxiliary equipment for oil well drilling

Solids control auxiliary equipment including the mud agitators, centrifugal pump, mud gun, and so on. Such auxiliary equipment will assist main equipment perform better.

Solids control auxiliary equipment function

Auxiliary equipment will enhance solids control efficiency. They will help get better mud property, provide the flow power, etc. For example, the mud agitators will help solid to suspend in drilling fluid. Thus we’ll get stable mud property and make separation more easy.

Solids control auxiliary equipment

Solids control auxiliary equipment

Besides agitator, the mud guns will mix drilling mud without dead corner. Guns mix the drilling fluid thoroughly.

Centrifugal pump transfer drilling mud from tank to equipment. Pump is also used as power supply for mixing pump, shear pump.

Mud agitator detail

Mud agitators are set on mud tank to mix drilling fluid by shaft and impeller. There can be horizontal and vertical agitators. The shaft and impeller are custom built items. According to tank size and mud property we’ll configure different design

Helical bevel geared agitator are more compact and high efficient compared to worm and wheel geared motor. Usually, we suggest one set agitator per 3 meters on tank.

Mud gun information

Another solids control auxiliary equipment is mud gun. Mud guns are usually operated together with agitators. It will help us get rid of dead corner solids sediment in tank. Mud gun is set same as agitator, 3 meters per set on mud tank.

Drilling mud guns

Drilling mud guns

Mud guns including high pressure, low pressure. One nozzle or multiple nozzle. The pivot type or bottom type. The handle is wheel, or just a handle rod.

Aipu Centrifugal pumps features

Centrifugal pumps in solids control are usually horizontal type. Centrifugal pump is used to transfer drilling mud from one equipment/tank to subsequent equipment. For example, pump suck drilling fluid from shake tank to desander cone. From desander cone to desilter cone.

solids control centrifugal pumps

solids control centrifugal pumps

Furthermore, there are mixing pump, shear pump, and trip pump in the whole drilling fluid system. For mixing pump, it is combined with mixing hopper and centrifugal pump on a common skid or separately. Pump will be connected directly to hopper or with a pipe.

Please feel free to contact Aipu for more detail. If you have demand, please let us know your demand. Trust you’ll get best reasonable price.


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