Mud skips for petroleum offshore platform

Mud skips are the cutting boxes used to fill drill cuttings during the drilling or waste management. At offshore platform skips help user to transfer the cuttings and waste to onshore for further process

Mud skips general information

Such mud skips are usually designed with 11000kg maximum loading weight. The size can be designed as 2400x1400x1700mm, or 2200x1500x1600mm. Depends on client’s preference and practical demand there are many different designs available.

Mud skips

Mud skips

Mud skips are fabricated with forklift pocket for convenient handling. Also the lifting rings for easy move by helicopter or crane. Kindly suggest certifying the skips under marine standard. Such as CCS, DNV, BS, or BV, RL and so on

More detail on cuttings boxes

Many users prefer the cuttings boxes since the convenient handling feature. It’s rectangular shape with a special design on top and bottom for easy piling up. Under DNV or equivalent test, they will tell us the most layers we can pile them up.

The doors or hatches on top are sealed with special rubber and the glue. It will be rather tight no matter how you lift it or lay down it, maybe face falling off. However, there won’t be any leakage at all.

The colors of cuttings box, we can paint it with blue, yellow, orange, red, and so on. It is a custom built feature. Depending on the clients’ preference.

Cuttings box

Cuttings box

Mud skips use

Both onshore and offshore drilling will use skips for easy transportation on drilling cuttings. They can be delivered to another processing plant for centralized treatment or further process.

We usually provide the slings and shackles to users. Such accessories request official certification, too.

Besides mud skips, there are mud bulks for offshore or jack-up platform. Compared to cutting box, the bulk tank is open top design. It can be piled up, too. They are both designed suitable for marine transit and storage

Please come to Aipu for more information on the mud skips.


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