Mud cleaner spare parts available at Aipu

Mud cleaner spare parts are the wearing parts used in oil drilling solids control. Drilling mud cleaner is also called mud conditioner. It is 2nd and 3rd phase solids control equipment

Mud cleaner spare parts

To know the mud cleaner parts well, we need to understand cleaner construction and main parts. Such as the desander cone, desilter cone, the bottom shaker, pipelines, pressure gauge. For the cones, there are hydrocyclone, coupling, drop in Apex, seal rubber, and so on

The bottom shaker, it is same as common shale shaker. Including the shaker basket, the shaker screen, the spring, the side rubber, channel protector, vibrator motor, the starter, and so on

Mud cleaner spare parts

Mud cleaner spare parts

Why select Aipu solids control?

Aipu is professional manufacturer on complete line solids control equipment. All wearing parts are high quality and universality assured. For the cones, all of them are made of high quality polyurethane. Fit with the Victaulic coupling.

Furthermore, Aipu is able to provide the interchangeable mud cleaner spare parts for other makes cleaner. The shaker screen produced by Aipu is API RP13C compliant. Our products and spare parts are highly appreciated by many clients

Aipu solids control always hold popular spare parts in stock for instant delivery. Cater for clients urgency, we promise 48 hours delivery to avoid any operation delay. We consider clients’ urgency so we get the preference so long time

Mud cleaner spare parts

Mud cleaner spare parts

How to order spare parts?

Order the mud cleaner spare parts requests exactly size, dimension, or part number. If you are not sure about the part please send us the mud cleaner model number, or the drawing you have.

Along with quotation we’ll send the drawing/picture, dimension, size for your confirmation. If no dissidence or question you can place order and we’ll do preparation for you at once

Spare parts for different makes cleaner may vary much. To make sure the interchangeability, as more detail as better. Please come to Aipu for more information. Besides mud cleaner parts, many other wearing parts are available as well.


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