Hunter-D3 shaker and Hunter-MG3 shaker difference

Hunter series shale shaker including Hunter-D, Hunter-MG, Hunter-Mini, etc.

Hunter-D3 shaker information

Hunter-D3 shaker is the shaker holding 3 panels of screen sized 27 1/2″x 42″ about.  Total screen area of D3 is about 3465 in². The screen installation is by wedge blocks. Vibration mode is linear motion with 2 same size motors.

While the motors can be 2HP or 2.3HP according to clients’ demand or preference. Difference in motor power leads to vibration strength or centrifugal force varying. Brand names including OLI and Martin, and Ital-Vibras. For the certificates, CN Ex, IEC Ex, ATEX, UL and so on are optional upon your request.

Of course, the cost will be different because suppliers provide different prices on different certifications.

Hunter-D3 shaker

Hunter-D3 shaker

MG3 shakers specification

This model of shale shakers are Hunter-MG3. Hunter is the code name of Aipu shakers. MG3 means there are 3 panels of screens sizes about 23″x47″. Total screen area is about 3243 in². Screens are fit on shaker deck with the wedge blocks, too. Such installation is very easy and convenient.

Vibration mode of Hunter-MG3 usually is linear motion as Hunter-D3. However, both linear and BEM are available as per user’s requirements.

Motors power are same as D3 and the configuration are same, too. The input system are optional including 220,380,400,415, 440, till to 660V. While the voltage can be 50Hz or 60Hz. According to different working condition, the adaptable temperature range is from -40~+55℃.

The difference of above shakers for your reference.

Overall dimension, weight, screen size are different. So, the flow rate is different. Compared with Hunter-D, the MG series of shaker is more popular. The screen for MG series shaker are interchangeable with famous brand shaker. So users prefer such shaker.

But Hunter-D shaker holds a larger screen area. That means D3 shaker flow rate is higher than MG3 shaker.

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