Oil field drilling rig mattings

Drilling rig mattings also refers to matting boards mainly used to support oil rig onshore or offshore with reliable stability

Rig mattings introduction

The matting board is a portable platform used to support equipment used in construction and other resource-based activities, including drilling rigs, camps, tanks, and helipad. In well drilling sites, we call it rig mattings. Actually tt may also be used as a structural roadway to provide passage over unstable ground, pipelines and more

Rig mat can be made of wood and steel, this is most popular one. What about other materials and types rig mats?

Rig mattings

Rig mattings

Rig mats types

According to mats raw material, besides wood and steel rig mats, there are also plastic mat, rubber matting boards, the fiberglass rig mat, etc. And Plastic Mat systems are generally of two designs: 1. Solid, one piece compression moulded systems 2. Engineered, hollow rig matting systems

According to the function/application/design, there are hollow rig matting system, access mats, interlock mats, crane mats, etc.

Details of rig mattings

These mats are commonly made of spruce, pine, fir or a combination thereof encased in a steel frame. The frame is normally I Beam or HST steel. The steel is used to strengthen the mats, enabling the manufactures of the mats to build them in larger sizes and to support more weight compared to all other types of mats. Common sizes are 8′ x 20′, 8′ x 30′, and 8′ x 40′. One great advantage is the ease of repairing the wooden inserts which gives new life to an already long lasting and durable mat. This method of repair can be completed on both I Beam and HST style mats

Rig mats can not only be used as platform for drilling rig on soft ground but also can load many different equipment in whole drilling site. Such as the solids control system with many tanks, as well as for work over rig system, for the mud pump. We can configure mats to be whole ground pate for all equipment, we also can configure mat for a part of equipment on rough ground

As per users’ preference the rig mattings size, color, and structure are customizable. Just come to us for further question or any interest


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