Spare parts for shale shaker

Spare parts for shale shaker are also important for users. Shale shaker is the first phase solids control equipment. All users treat it as critical device. Drilling fluid out of choke manifold will flow into shaker to separate cuttings larger than 74 microns out. To make sure shaker perform best we have to check all matters well. Such as whole shaker wearing, parts abrasion, etc.

Spare parts of shaker

Firstly, please lets find out shaker parts. What are main parts of shale shaker? Shale shaker mainly including shaker basket, feeder box, vibrator motor, vibration beam, start panel, base frame, shaker screen, screen tensioning system, rubber strip, etc.

Usually, the spare parts are shaker screens, tensioning system, spring. The shaker screens are various types so the tensioning system are different as well. Compared to other wearing parts, shaker screen are more easy to wear. For some shakers there are wedge blocks as tensioning part, they are spare parts, too. The jack screw or screw rod for angle adjustment is spare part, too.

Actually, for spare parts or maintenance of shaker we suggest use the shaker legally and check the condition regularly. But no only replace the parts or repair the shaker. Sometimes, we just need to run shakers according to user manual and maitain them properly. We may even don’t need to replace some parts. This will help us to decrease general cost and save time.

Spare parts-spring

Spare parts-spring

Wearing parts for famous shale shaker

As a shale shaker manufacturer, we also get inquiries on wearing parts for shaker. Most of the clients will request us to quote price on wearing parts for famous shaker. Such as parts for Mongoose, for Derrick 500 series, NOV Brandt King Cobra shaker, etc.

Usually, the wearing parts are shaker screen, tensioning system, spring, channel protector, etc. Most popular one is shaker screen tensioning system for Derrick FLC500 series shaker. And some of them will request wedge block for Mongoose or Cobra shaker

We presently, can produce wedge blocks for Mongoose and Cobra shaker and 500 series shaker tensioning system. But for tensioning system of 500 series shaker we kindly request MOQ. As different wearing parts request different technique and materials we have to quote accordingly

Buy spare parts from Aipu

Aipu does not produce high quality shale shaker but also shaker parts. Such as shaker screens, rubber strip, channel protector, springs, etc. We produce high quality shale shaker parts for different famous brand and model shaker

Some clients like to order vibration motor (vibrator) as spare part along with the shale shaker or mud cleaner. There are different types of vibrators, such as long motor and short motor, 2HP or 2.5HP. And for many famous shakers, AIPU can provide the right fit replacement motors. Such as the SGX, SG2X, Ital-Vibras or Oli. Please tell us the shaker model number, or the motor model, frame if possible

If you are interested or facing any question  please contact Aipu freely. We promise all clients best price but high quality items. Please call us 0086-18691483929


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  • Hi;

    Please if available on your shelves,

    Please can you Quote for us the following King Cobra (M20177) Shaker Parts:

    Location need: GABON
    Usage: Land Drilling Rig

    If you have the spare available in Country, That will be much appreciate.

    Equipment Name & Model Shale Shaker King Cobra
    Arrangement/serial number M20177 Drawing # Drawing 7-8
    Item Qty Part Number Description Stock Unit price Total

    1 16 LF3C10426 Spool spring 0 0,00
    2 4 LF3B00936 Front spring 0 0,00
    3 4 LM3B13614 Rear spring 0 0,00
    4 0,00
    5 0,00
    6 0,00
    7 0,00
    8 0,00
    9 0,00
    Currency Total 0,00
    Shale Shaker King Cobra
    Workshop / Factory / Other REQUIRED ON : rush
    MFG NOV Explanations for failure / Job to be done
    Model # King Cobra Rubber endommagés et risque de détérioration des ressorts. Pas de ressorts en stock.
    Serial # M20177
    NDT required (yes/no)

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