Helical bevel geared mud agitators delivered to Middle East

Helical bevel geared mud agitators delivered are horizontal type. The end user is in Middle East. This is their 4th repeat order after 3 orders placed. Among these orders, there are both helical bevel geared agitator and helical worm geared agitator

Helical bevel geared mud agitators features

Why more and more clients select helical bevel geared agitator? Because the helical bevel agitator is more powerful, durable, and stable. And they are energy-saving design. For example, if we selected agitator driven by helical worm reducer with X torque requests 11kw power then we may can use helical bevel reducer driven by 7.5kw motor with same torque.

Mud agitators

Helical bevel geared Mud agitators

Furthermore, the helical bevel reducer occupies less space than helical worm gear box. For some working condition in tight space it’s a better choice. Why the helical bevel reducer can provide larger torque? The internal structure of gear and teeth produce better bite for stronger torque

Specifications of this lot of agitator

The agitators delivered are configured with shaft longs 2.2m and impeller with 1050mm diameter. Shaft is the seamless steel tube from national steel factory, as well as the impeller paddle. The paddle blade can be bolted on the shaft casing

Besides shaft and impeller, there is stabilizer. As the tank height is 3000mm, considering the proper operation and service life we recommend the stabilizer to users

APMA agitators

APMA agitators

What agitators do you prefer?

Different users select agitators configured differently. Some of them prefer the helical worm geared, while some prefer the helical bevel geared. Some prefer the vertical type, while some prefer the horizontal type. Some prefer single layer, some prefer the double or multiple layer

Besides clients’ preference, the working condition is another factor impacting agitators selection. Please tell us your requirement or working condition. The optimal agitators will be configured for you accordingly very soon. BTW, mud guns are usually used together with agitator, do you have any demand? Leave comments below!


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