Mud mixing tank design and manufacture for different use

Mud mixing tank is the tank used to agitate or blend drilling mud. Mixing tank can help configure high-quality drilling fluids for different drillings

Mud mixing tank description

Mixing tank can be designed as a separated tank beyond reserve mud tank or water tank, and so on. Mud mixing tank can be designed as a part of drilling mud tank, too. Such design, mixing hopper and pump are fit on a common skid to achieve storage and mixing

Mud mixing tank consists of a tank, hopper pump, mud agitator as basic components. Others are auxiliary or accessory parts, such as pipelines, walkway, guardrails, stairs, manhole, lamps, and so on

mud mixing tank

Mud mixing tank

The different configuration of mixing tank

For deep oil well drilling requests large volume mud flow we suggest dual tandem mixing pump. That means 2 hoppers and 2 pumps at one common skid or they will be operated together for large volume drilling mud bending

The mixing tank will be designed with manifold for convenient transfer, suction and discharge among different tanks.

For some civil construction or small well drilling request less mud we’ll suggest standard mixing hopper and pump on the tank. Per different clients’ preference and practical use, the tanks can be rectangular, circular or round bottom pattern.

mud mixing

Mixing hopper pump

Some users may also request the trailer mounted mud mixing tank for convenient move and handling.

Aipu mixing tank

We Aipu is professional manufacturer on many different equipment, which are widely used in well drilling mud process or recycling. Mixing tank is an important part for mixing and compounding drilling materials. Such as barite, bentonite, polyester, chemicals and so on

Furthermore, there are mixing tanks for chemical material mixture. Such chemicals can be widely used in drilling waste management and oil sludge treatment. There are flocculant, coagulant, and so on

If you have demand on mixing tank, not only mud tank, but also the chemical tank, flocculation tank, and so on please feel free to contact Aipu solids control.


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