How AIPU Hunter-MG8 shale shakers help users?

Hunter-MG8 shale shakers are with double decks and 8 panels of shaker screen. There are 3 panels coarse screen and 5 panels finer screen in total. Yes, the coarse panel is on top deck and finer one is on bottom deck

AIPU Hunter-MG8 shale shaker information

It’s linear motion shale shaker holding large vibration strength and effective performance. Motors are Italy Oli brand with 2.6HP power. This double deck shaker is specially for SINOPEC drilling project department.

We configure shaker with screen 20-40 mesh on top deck, while fit screen on lower deck as all common shakers. From API 40 to API 325 are all available. The screen are framed type. We can fit the steel frame or composite frame panels there

The whole flow rate of shale shaker is up to 180m³/h and the angle is from -1~+5°. There will be flexibility to handle materials according to actual working condition.

Double deck shakers Hunter-MG8

Double deck shakers-Hunter-MG8

What are the problems of user present shakers?

Shale shaker screens are the main spare parts of shale shaker. They are expensive consumables as they wear too much and request large quantity for a complete well drilling project.

User’s present shale shakers are single deck with 5 panels screen. They told us the shaker screens are worn very soon makes drilling costly and improper solids separation effect. Improper selection of shaker screen makes solid separation ineffective and leads mud loss. Another problem is splash of mud all around shaker inside and outside.

Good shaker is not only good appearance but also good separation efficiency and filter performance. Good shakers can control cuttings and solids very well and save cost in general. So user found us and wish we could give them a better shaker solve above problems.

Hunter-MG8 Shale shakers

Hunter-MG8 Shale shakers

Hunter-MG8 shale shakers good features

Double deck makes coarse solids moved firstly to prevent fast worn or pre-mature. As we found drilling condition is difficult with hard and large shale particles. First deck handle larger cuttings out of mud and give a good cushion to bottom deck

We also make the splash guard to cover shaker and prevent mud spilling everywhere. This is stainless steel material to prevent the corrosion or rusting of fluids.

So, final result is larger treating capacity, longer screen service life and less consumption, better solids removal result, higher efficiency of cuttings filtration, cleaner shaker at site, lower cost of whole well drilling.


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