Solids control equipment for workover rigs

Solids control equipment for work over rigs including the shale shaker, hydrocyclone cleaner, feeding pump, mud agitator, tanks, mixing hoppers, and so on.

Work over rigs information

Work over rigs are the main power supply for downhole and workover jobs. There are many different types. We divide them into different groups according to power mode, functions, trailer chassis pattern, and so on

However, we mostly name work over rigs according to power and lifting load. Such as 750HP, 40T, 100T, and so on. That means, what depth well can be maintained. According to functions of work over rig, there is work over rig, integrated rig for drilling&work over, desert work over rig, inclined well workover rig, and so on.

Centrifugal pumps for workover

Centrifugal pumps for workover solids control

No matter which type of rigs you use, the solids control for it is necessary. As we know, although it’s called work over the essential principle and performance are same to well drilling.

Solids control solutions to work over

As a professional manufacturer on solids control equipment, AIPU has delivered over 200 sets of complete mud system to process drilling fluids. These systems are widely used in oil and gas drilling, as well as the work over projects.

So many different clients request different specifications. But the main procedures are similar, from shale shaker to centrifuge. The detailed difference including treating capacity (depends on well depth, mud pump flow rate), tank shape, tank specification, pipelines, auxiliary, electrical parts, and so on.

Just last week, we’ve got new orders on workover rig solids control system. The buyer is our regular client. On the order, there are 9 sets of complete solids control system for work over rigs. Including XJ450, and XJ650. The equipment including the linear motion shale shaker, hydrocyclone desander, mud mixing pump, mud agitators, and feeding pump for desander.

The items are under preparation now. Hopefully, we’ll deliver the systems in 2 months. Last year, we’ve delivered 2 sets of solids control system for workover rigs, too. Our client is a contractor, they are very happy with our quality and services, as well as the end user. They are gonna place repeat order on the same products recently, too.

Equipment including dual tandem shale shakers, desander separators, mud agitators, centrifugal pumps, and mixing hoppers. Besides these, we are discussing another project of work over rigs similar to this. The end user requests poor boy degasser, too.

AIPU Solids control is known by more and more users, it’s more and more popular with clients over the world. Because we understand what clients need indeed.

Workover solids control shaker

Workover solids control shaker

Special requirements of work over solids control

Different working conditions define different requirements of solids control. For example, some clients request the separated single tandem shaker, while some request dual tandem shaker on the common skid. Some clients prefer the drilling mud cleaners, while some prefer the separated hydrocyclone separator. Some clients request the portable mud hoppers, while some request the batch handling hopper with the guard and crane.

These specifications are all optional and reasonable. We are able to do the customization for you. However, some requirements we can’t meet. Such as your request motors certified by both UL and ATEX, or you request electrical parts certified by both EAC and ATEX.

In China, motors can be GB Exd BT, or IEC Ex, or ATEX, or UL or EAC, however, they can’t be certified under 2 standards or codes.

No matter how contact us freely. You’ll get the optimal solutions to your solids control or drilling projects.


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