High quality Hunter series shale shaker at Aipu

High quality Hunter Series shale shaker are popular equipment at Aipu solids control. Lets find more details below

High quality Hunter series shale shaker description

There are different models of shaker at Aipu solids control. Including Hunter-D series, Hunter-MG series, Hunter-Mini. Furthermore, there are single deck, double deck shaker for users’ option

Besides deck configuration, there are single base, dual tandem shaker, and triple tandem shaker design.

Hunter-D4 Dual tandem

Hunter-D4 Dual tandem

Different model shaker hold different features. Such as quick installation screen, larger shaker screen area, compact design, and so on. Except Hunter-Mini, all other shakers are mounted with 3, 4, or 6, and 8 panels screen. If dual tandem shaker with double deck, there will be 8, 12, and 16 panels screen.

Based on single deck, single set design, Aipu high quality Hunter series shale shaker flow rate is from 396GPM to 616GPM.

Main features for users’ reference

Hunter series shaker are driven by explosion proof motor or non explosion proof motor. Motors power are from 0.75KW to 1.94KW. The vibration strength is from 5G to 8G.

Motors brand including Ital-Vibras, Martin, Oli, Hangyu, OMB. According to client’s preference and budget we’ll provide flexible configuration

High quality Hunter series shale shaker

High quality Hunter series shale shaker

Shaker screens for Hunter series shale shaker including steel framed, composite framed, polyurethane framed, polyurethane hook strap, S.S hook strap type. Mesh size are from API 20 to API 325. Even more finer up to 400 mesh

Aipu shale shaker are popular with customer since the durable quality and compact design. The excellent performance and high cost-effectiveness

The surface color can be dark red, bright red, orange, yellow, green, blue, and so on.

Vibration mode including linear motion, BEM, also the dual motion.

How to order Aipu shakers?

How to place order on high quality Hunter series shale shaker? Please tell us the flow rate you prefer. Or tell us do you wish to use it at what job site. Based on your detail requirement the proposal and reasonable price will be sent to you soon.

Please feel free to contact Aipu solids control for further question. And you’ll enjoy special discount till Jan.31 24:00 (GTM+8). Leave messages below. Or call us now +86-29-63611979


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