Mud tank valve height calculation for mud system

Mud tank valve including the suction valve and dump valve. Some are made from common butterfly valve, while some are made of seamless tube for users especially. How do we confirm tank valves height? How to calculate that?

Mud tank valve information

Mud tank valves are an accessory equipment to control the mud flow during system operation or mud reserve. There are suction valve, dump valve, the high butterfly valve. According to pipelines configuration in mud tanks, there are 8″, 10″ and 12″ valves for users’ option

Mud tank valves

Mud tank valves

Such mud tank valve provides convenient handling on tank floor. We can control or lead drilling fluids flow to certain compartment or tank easily.

There are L flow through and T flow through. It depends on valves installation position. Or the function we expect they to achieve. The valves connection ports should be at same level with pipes in tank

The tank valve height calculation

Firstly, confirm the valve body pipe size. Some valves made of same tubes on both body and connection port, while some are different

Then, confirm the tank height. The internal height

Thirdly, confirm the internal pipe level

Finally, if any special requirements on handling on tank top.

Suction valves

Suction valves

Based on above information, supplier or manufacturers can provide a general drawing. Against confirmation, the mud tank valve can be finished easily

Other types of tank valve

Some of our regular clients prefer the tank valves with long rod but not complete tube on valve main body. Please check picture for reference

Difference is the durability and the cost. Most of our overseas clients prefer the complete tube design. We have delivered over 400 pcs of such valves. But the dump valve, can be designed with rod only

Do you have demand? What is your requirement? Please feel free to contact us. You will definitely get the optimal design and best quality items at your budget.



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