Drilling fluids process shaker for sale at Aipu solids

Shale shaker is critical equipment in whole drilling fluids process. It is the first phase solids control equipment. What is detail we need to know?

Drilling fluids process shaker description

Shakers are many different types. Such as vibration mode, the shaker screen compression system, the deck or base configuration, flow rate, screen type, and so on. Shale shaker is consisted of vibrator motor, basket, base, control panel/starter, damping system/spring, and so on

The shakers are kindly suggest operated from right beginning of drilling. Screen mesh size from coarse to finer. Under the separation, vibration with linear motion track the fluids will flow down into tank and cuttings is separated out of panels as discharged solid

Drilling fluids process shaker

Drilling fluids process shaker

Theoretically, shale shaker can help us get particles larger than 100 microns removed. Then we need desander and desilter cones for subsequent separation

For almost drilling we don’t need feeding pump for shaker, but some of the HDD project we may transfer drilling fluids to shaker by slurry pump or equivalent.

Aipu solids control shakers for sale

We have popular model shaker-Hunter-MG. It is highly appreciated by clients since high efficiency and competitive price. Hunter-MG shaker fit with composite framed screen. It is rather convenient and easy to operate, and change screens

Another hot sales shaker is the dual motion shaker with 2 vibration motor. It can be shifted between linear and BEM easily. This type shaker is rather popular in Russia, and Europe user.

Then the Hunter-D series shaker. It is fit with metal back hook strip screen. It can be 3 or 4 panels mounted. The large shaker screen area is high efficient no matter for oil drilling or No Dig

Special service for you

Drilling fluids process shaker can be custom built cater for different use or application. Some clients prefer higher flow rate and sufficient separation area, we’ll propose you the dual tandem or triple tandem shaker. Some users prefer the better filtration result or finer separation we’ll propose you the double deck shaker

Some users prefer the drying solid discharge we’ll provide you the Hi-G shaker. Some user have special demand on the feeder box inlet we’ll give you exact solution per your requirement. Some client prefer surface color significantly different with others we’ll paint it per your RAL code.

You need more special service? Come to Aipu solids control now! Also if you are our regular clients you’ll enjoy special refund voucher


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