Tandem shale shaker design at Aipu solids control

Tandem shale shaker is multi-shaker set on one common base or skid. What different types are available?

Tandem shale shaker suggestion

Shale shaker can be set as one separated single equipment as first equipment in whole solids control system. The flow rate varies among different shaker design. Such as shaker screen dimension, vibration mode and so on. Sometimes for the extra deep well, request high volume and flow rate of drilling fluids

Tandem shale shaker

Tandem shale shaker

Single set shaker is not capable to process complete volume drilling mud. Consider easy operation and maintenance some sets same model shaker are recommended then. There are dual tandem shaker, triple tandem shaker, quadruple tandem shaker, even mud cleaner on common base with tandem shaker.

For such shaker, we can set shakers and base together or separated for easy handling and transportation. There will be flow divider connected elevated manifold and shakers thus large volume mud will be guided to shakers evenly and smoothly

Different design on tandem shakers

Tandem shakers are available on linear motion, BEM, and dual motion, too. We combine many separated equipment together on the common base or skid. The tracking mode won’t impact whole tandem shaker perform

For example, we designed linear motion Hunter-D series shaker as dual tandem shaker. Each single shaker holding 4 panel screen. We also designed previous Hunter-C shaker as dual tandem shaker. 3 panels screen per deck. Difference between D and C is the screen design. There is different screen dimension, compact system

 Other special tandem shaker

Shakers can be set on one common base as tandem shaker. Actually, some client may prefer mud cleaner set together with shaker as tandem solution, too.

Usually there could be 2 set shaker and 1 set mud cleaner, or 3 set shaker and 1 set mud cleaner. As we told just now, the base or skid can be uninstalled when transport or handle. Furthermore, different working condition may request different configuration. They can be set on other tanks for different system holding same capacity

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