Drilling fluids processing system for ZJ40 rig

Drilling fluids processing system is the mud circulation system for well drilling. ZJ40 rig is the common reference of oil rig can drill well deep to 4000m.

Drilling fluids processing system configuration

Different drilling condition and users will request different mud system configuration. But main equipment are same. The shale shaker, the mud cleaner or hydrocyclone separators, degasser, mud decanter centrifuge, pumps, agitator, mud guns, and so on

The difference among different configuration is flow rate. The mud flow rate of mud pump will help to confirm mud system and equipment selection.

Drilling fluids processing system

Drilling fluids processing system

Economical configuration on ZJ40 rig

Economical configuration is the system with necessary equipment and unit. For ZJ40 rig, the economical one including 2 set shale shaker holding capacity up to 280m³/h, 1 set mud cleaner, holding flow rate up to 240m³/h. APZCQ240 Vacuum degasser. And 1 set middle speed decanter centrifuge, also the screw pump

Mud tanks including the active tank, mixing tank, reserve tank, trip tank, pill tank, and so on. Then the necessary auxiliary equipment. Including mud agitator, centrifugal pump, mud gun, mixing hopper, and so on. Also the lamps, control panel, pipelines, valve, fittings, and so on. The ladders, walkway, handrail, and so on

High level configuration of ZJ40 rig fluids system

Drilling fluids processing system have many flexible features. Such as the tank volume, tank quantity, shaker and centrifuge configuration. We can set totally 8 tanks. Including processing tank, reserve tank, water tank, mixing tank, and so on

High quality mud system

High quality mud system

On the tanks, there are 3 sets shale shaker, 1 set mud cleaner, totally 6 transfer and mixing pump. And 2 sets trip pump. Several mud agitators and mud guns.

Many clients prefer large mud system since the efficiency and better performance. Besides mud tanks volume, equipment quantity and detail configuration will impact whole mud system operation efficiency

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