Jet mud mixers for drilling fluids system

Jet mud mixers here mean the mud mixing pump with a Venturi hopper. There are different designs on mud mixing pumps. Pleased to share the below information, wish can be helpful to you.

General information of jet mud mixer

It’s an integration of mud hopper and centrifugal pump. Between them, there are necessary pipelines, fittings, and valves. Presently, the main hoppers are Venturi type. However, some clients prefer the swirl hoppers. They have different features and advantages.

For centrifugal pumps, we can select a common standard pump or the shearing pump. So the mud mixer pump is a jet mud mixer or a jet shearing pump. The difference is in the impeller of pumps. Many clients elect the jet shearing pump since it’s an integration of the shearing pump and mixing hopper. That is a compact design and high-efficiency.

Jet mud mixers at Aipu Solids are mainly 3 models. APSLH150-35, APSLH150-40, APSLH150-50. The difference among them is the mixing pump size and flow rate, or the compounding capacity.

Jet mud mixers

Jet mud mixers

Yes, mud mixing pumps are widely used for different types of mud systems. Such as solids control for oil and gas, mud recycling for HDD, etc.

Structure of jet mud mixers for drilling fluids system

According to the pumps, the jet mud mixers include single mixing pumps and double mixing pumps. The main components are skid or base, pump, feed inlet, discharge line, nozzle, hopper, valve, connection fittings, etc.

The single set of mixing pump is one hopper and one pump. This is the standard and very popular one. While there are dual mixing pumps, too. That means two hoppers and two pumps on a common skid. All the pipelines, fittings, valves are double of a single jet mixing pump.

Besides the standard integrated mud mixers, there are hoppers and pumps at different places. That means, we put the hopper on a tank top and connect the hopper to the pump with a steel tube. This design depends on practical working conditions. Some clients hold the portable crane on the tank top to mix or compound drilling mud material

Mixing hopper pump

Mixing hopper pump

Moreover, another separated mixing pump design is a combination of a portable hopper and centrifugal pump. We connect them with standard necessary lines and fittings as a common jet mud mixer. However, a special design with a top roof or frame is available, too. We can put a removable frame top over the hopper. There is a guard curtain, the cutting edge, etc. That will be more safe, clean and convenient to handle bags, especially big sacks of mud material. It’s adaptable for crane or hoist devices.

Wearing parts reference.

For wearing parts of the mixing pump, there are main the parts of centrifugal pump. Such as the mechanical seal, impeller, packing, stuffing, shaft and so on. There are also the parts of the hopper. Such as the valve, the nozzle, and so on. Generally speaking, wearing parts of the hopper are few. It’s easy to operate and maintain.

We have talked about the above spare parts items, some can work last over 1 year even 2 years. Under legal operation and maintenance, rare failure occurs during running.

Mixing hopper working principle

We use hoppers to suck the polymer from a container with a hose that is attached to the top. A water hose from a centrifugal pump is attached to the side of the device. The mud mixing is discharged from the bottom of the device. A typical device has a water inlet of ¾”, a 1” suction hose, and requires a water flow of 76 Lpm (20 GPM) at a minimum pressure of 1.4 bar (20 psi)

The pump plays an important role during mud mix. We produce and transfer new proper drilling fluids under pump power. That means, pumps run the flow as circulation and delivery to certain places. Pumps produce flow and the pressure, then the nozzle or educator provide sufficient suction. Finally, dry mud material mix together with liquid become right drilling fluids for the whole mud system.

Please find some pictures of hoppers and jet mud mixers for your reference. Let us know for any interest or comments. Aipu helps users on the optimal solutions constantly. Trust we’ll be your final stop to get the ideal proposal.


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