Why suggest decanter centrifuges for HDD mud system

Decanter centrifuges are 4th phase solids control equipment. No matter at onshore or offshore drilling site, the decanter centrifuge will help much on fine solids removal. 2~7 microns cuttings can be separated out per different speed.

Decanter centrifuges for HDD

HDD is the popular penetration for civil construction or river cross project. We call it horizontal directional drilling or lateral drilling. It is different with vertical drilling but similar principle. For HDD mud system, shale shaker, desander, desilter are as popular as in oil drilling.

Decanter centrifuge for HDD is not as popular as centrifuges in oil drilling mud system. But more and more clients find the benefit. The centrifuge in HDD mud system will enhance mud property maintaining. Decanter centrifuges will increase the penetration rate.

Decanter centrifuges

Decanter centrifuges

Centrifuges for option

Same as oil drilling mud system, centrifuges for HDD are available with middle speed, high speed, VFD high speed centrifuges. The capacity is from 30m³/h to 60m³/h. Per actual working condition, we can select 1 or 2 set of certain centrifuges.

The centrifuge models including the APLW450, APGLW355, and so on. The materials are S.S304, S.S316, S.S316L, or the Duplex S.S2205. Screw conveyor tails can be painted with tungsten carbide coating, or tungsten carbide plate.

Per clients’ budget and working condition we’ll propose different solution.

HDD mud equipment in Aipu

Oilfield shale shaker, mud cleaner, centrifuge can also be used in HDD mud recycling. Centrifuges are more and more popular in HDD mud system. For strict environmental regulations, also for waking up on circumstance conservation.

Many practice prove decanter centrifuges for HDD are worth of its cost. Centrifuges will allow HDD operators to remove 100% of the suspended solids from their drilling fluid. This process allows water to be reused and able to compound new mud, use it as site water or simply dispose of it in accordance with environmental regulations. Discharged solids are significantly drier and can be stockpiled for use on site or made available for other applications

The shale shaker in HDD mud system will be fed by slurry pump. Considering the job site limit, compact design will be more suitable for HDD mud recycling. Integrated with shaker, cleaner, centrifuge, mixing modular. Of course, centrifugal pumps are inclusive as well

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