Mud gas separators for oil drilling

Mud gas separators is the degassing equipment in oil well drilling. It is also called poor boy degasser.

Mud gas separators information

When we select proper mud gas separators the geological condition, drilling depth, mud pump or whole fluid flow rate are necessary issues to consider. Usually we use vertical type for compact feature

Mud gas separator pipeline configured with mud input, mud discharge port, the gas vent line. On mud discharge line, there is a mud seal or U type mud leg. That means distance between discharge line pipe bottom and high level center

Accessories including relief valve, drain valve, and pressure gauge. Such components will help degasser work better and safe.

Mud gas separators

Mud gas separators

Design on poor boy degasser

These weeks, we’ve got many orders on poor boy degasser. All these customers requested APMGS1200 mud gas separator. Such degasser holding large capacity give them more insurance

For internal design, some clients prefer the buffle blade. While some prefer inverted hopper type. Both design will help break bubbles down and let gas out of fluid. Almost poor boy are same, the difference is little. Including port connection, the surface color, and so on

Main structure and principle are same. The things can be customized are color, support base, lay down leg, and so on

Why Aipu gas separator?

We are proud to serve clients all over the globe. Appreciated by clients since confidence they get from us. Some of clients visited our company, some of them were introduced by regular clients.

Essential reason, is our professional solutions. From discuss on condition detail, drawing we provided to quotation and after service.  Only professional in deed will give them confidence on economical cost and high quality.

Custom built is always welcome at. Based on your budget and configuration you prefer, you will certainly get optimal proposal. Why not come to us now?


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