VSM300 shaker screen replacement for sale at Aipu

VSM300 shaker screen replacement is the screen panels to replace genuine V300 screen. Aipu is professional manufacturer on screen. And we are one of a few manufacturers of VSM300 complete line screens.

VSM300 shaker screen replacement information

VSM300 shaker screen including 3 different dimensions. As the shakers hold triple deck for better filtration or drying performance. Normally, we get more inquiries on Scalping and the primary deck screen

They are all framed and pre-tensioned type. For the panels punched hole, we are now using square hole for more even surface, beautiful appearance, larger effective area.

Aipu replacement V300 screen panels

As we know, V300 screen panels are the scalping panel, primary panel, secondary panel. Aipu can provide the 3 different panels for certain deck. Scalping panels are usually very coarse, the primary and the drying screen are more fine.

VSM300 shaker screen replaement

VSM300 shaker screen replaement

The mesh size is from API 6 to API 425. Scalping deck is also called top deck. The mesh size is from API 6 to API 60. But mostly, we are inquired for API 30, API 40. Primary deck screen is ranged from API 50 to API 425. Popular ones are from API 80 to API 270. Minimum screen panel is for drying deck. Rare clients request such panels

Aipu produce steel frame V300 screen panels also the composite primary screen. Composite frame VSM300 screen is more and more popular than steel framed one. Each type hold different strength.

For steel framed panel, the screen is more flat and friendly for solids disposed from shaker deck. However, composite frame ones will request shorter manufacture time. More easy to fabricate. Composite screen panel is a bit soft than steel frame, when finish them, anyhow, there is a slight curve on whole panel surface

VSM300 shaker screen replacement

VSM300 shaker screen replacement

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Every year, Aipu deliver 20000-30000 panels screen to clients. Besides VSM300 shaker screen replacement we manufacture many other replacement shaker screen. Such as VSM100 screen, King Cobra series, VNM shaker screen, ATL screen, and so on. Other makes including replacement Mongoose screen, MD composite screen, replacement 500 series screen, replacement pyramid screen, and so on

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