Shaker screen handling for Aipu Hunter-MG shaker

Shaker screen handling is the screen installation, and replacement, etc. To give users more information and confidence on Aipu shaker, please refer to followings

Screen installation procedure

Aipu Hunter-MG series shaker have four or three panels screen. And each shaker will be fitted with 2 wedges as standard configuration. Upon clients’ demand we’ll provide spare ones. Once screens are placed on the screen bde, wedges are driven between each screen edge and support bars on shaker sidewalls. The shaker screen bed is slightly crowned at the center causing screen frames to bow when wedges are forced in place. This prevents screens from “Whipping” up and down during shaker operation

Shaker screen handling

Shaker screen handling

Changing/ Installing screens

Shaker screen handling including screen changing and installation.

Stop flow of drilling fluid to shaker

While shaker is running, wash down screens thoroughly cleaning all cuttings and solids build up around inside of deck and wedges, using an appropriate bas fluid

Push STOP button on the power station to shut down shaker. Please be noted, wash down screen area prior to installing new shaker screens.

Shaker screen handling notes

Each screen is secured in place by two wedges, one per side. Always remove wedges with a dead blow hammer. Strike top handle section of wedges to loosen them. Remove screen panel. screen panels are removed and installed one at one time. Place the screen wedges in the wedge holders, located on the cable tower to prevent losing them during screen changes

Ensure screens are properly installed and firmly wedged into place. Wet screens with base fluid prior to running drilling fluid. When we apply flow of fluid please be slow at first to avoid flooding screen panels.

Furthermore, keep fluid end point at 65%~75% coverage of the screening surface for optimal performance. Please never clean or brush screen with wire or stiff fiber brush

Please come to Aipu get more details on Hunter-MG shale shaker screen handling

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