Screens in Stock for Sale at AIPU Solids

Screens in stock were made about 2 month ago. Besides replacement composite screen, there are replacement for 48×30 screen.

Screens in stock detail

The composite screens including replacement for Mongoose, for V300. And mesh sizes including API 70, API 100,API 140, API 170, API 270. The V300 screen, including primary and scalping deck. The Mongoose panels are orange color. These are made by AIPU

For replacement 48×30 screens, they are all corrugated panels. And the mesh size including API 80, API 140, API 170, API 230,API 325. The total quantity is 272 panels. These are original ones made by Derrick. We help our clients to sell them out

Do you have interest on these shaker screens? Contact us for more information and pictures

Other panels or materials in stock

Besides above screen panels, there are also some semi-finished panels. Such as black frames for VSM300 both scalping and primary. The black frames for replacement Mongoose composite panels. As well as the orange frames for V300 shakers.

The other materials including springs, the wedge block, the rubber strips, the tensioning system, and so on. The raw material for screen including S.S304L wire mesh, the S.S316 and S.S316L wire mesh.

Please contact AIPU solids for more information or price list

Why screen stock is not good way to expedite delivery?

As we know the shaker screens are over hundred models or types. And the popular ones are about 10 models. For 10 models, there are over 10 different API size. Besides the subjective of screen itself, there are objective factors affect screen configuration

Such as different clients may prefer different configuration on screen cloth. For example, one of our clients prefers the thinner wire mesh with rectangular hole in middle layer. While another client prefer square hole on all 3layers wire mesh.

And some client may have regular order on a certain model of screen. However, they will purchase screens for shaker they have never ordered.

So, we can’t make the complete goods in stock. We’ll do some preparation on semi-finished items and some raw materials. Are you in the demand of screens in stock? Come to AIPU solids, find out the solution for you.

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