Replacement VSM300 shaker screen for sale

Replacement VSM300 shaker screen is for use of replacing NOV VSM300 series screen. Including different dimension, material, size, and so on

Replacement VSM300 shaker screen

Aipu is professional shaker screen manufacturer. The shaker screens of Aipu have been certified under API RP13C. All Aipu shaker screens conform to API RP13C. VSM300 series screen included in as well. VSM300 shaker screen replacement including scalping shaker screen, primary deck screen, as well as the secondary screen.

Replacement V300 screen can be made as steel frame or the composite frame. Difference is the frame material. Composite frame basic material is integrated with plastic, rubber, carbon, fiberglass, etc. Its internal frame will be welded with carbon steel tubes.  Steel frame are welded with steel tubes and steel plate.

replacement vsm300 shaker screen

replacement vsm300 shaker screen

VSM300 shale shaker is designed as 3 deck. Usually the top deck is called scalping deck, the second deck is primary deck, the third deck is secondary or drying deck.Shaker screen for each deck differ from each other. For example, primary deck screen panel is different with scalping screen.

Aipu VSM300 screen

We are proud to say we are able to manufacture complete line replacement VSM300 shaker screen. From scalping screen to secondary screen. From API 10 to API 325.  Including the steel framed and composite framed ones. All screens replace for VSM300 are completely interchangeable with original one.

Price for replacement VSM300 shaker screen differ according to mesh/API size. Screen frame material will affect screen price as well. Furthermore, the secondary deck screen cost only about USD50/panel. As we know, the drying deck screen panel is rather small.

Packages for V300 shaker screen

Presently, almost framed screen of Aipu will be packed as 1 panel per carton. 20-25 panels per pallet or plywood case. Such package is seaworthy and durable enough. For LCL shipment we kindly suggest case, if air shipment or FCL shipment, the pallet will be more proper. As lighter weight will help control freight charge.

For the sticker or tags of screen, 1 pc per panel. 2 pcs per cartons. On the pallet or case there will be general packing details for convenient check and collection.

Please contact us for more details on replacement VSM300 shaker screen. API RP13C shaker screen manufacturer will provide you the best cost-efficiency of screen panels.


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