Urethane screen panel update with better quality

Urethane screen panel material is polyurethane. Polyurethane screens are usually more durable and reliable than stainless steel screens. Aipu provide high quality urethane shaker screen

Urethane screen for options

There are many different types of urethane screen. Including the hook strip one, the framed one, the urethane wire woven one. Presently, the hook strip and entire panel is latest version

And former ones are combined with different strip lines to be assembly panel. The popular dimensions including 700×1040, 700×1020, 750×1040, 700×1220, 700×914, and so on. The screen opening including 0.075, 0.1, 0.5, 0.4, 0.3, 0.85, 1, 1.3mm, etcetera

Urethane screen panel

Urethane screen panel

Colors are available with red and orange ones. Please find pictures as more reference

Polyurethane screen application

Polyurethane screen are widely used in many different industry. Such as the piling mud recycling, the mine dewatering, the drilling mud process, etc. Compared with common stainless steel screen, urethane screen panels are rather durable and cost-efficient. Furthermore, the hook strip polyurethane screen is much lighter than S.S ones. Thus we’ll enjoy better shaker performance if under same condition

Furthermore, if will be easy to achieve same accurate cut point. As we describe opening size us mm but not a range with wide flexibility.

Aipu urethane screen panel features

Interchangeable with genuine brand screen. Durable with high quality performance. Exact separation point tested by the measuring ruler. Competitive price at best cost-efficiency. The price is only USD530~600/EXW Xi’an,China. (Vary per size and opening). Don’t forget, it holds about 15-20 times longer life than S.S shaker screen

Urethane shaker screens

Urethane shaker screens

Moreover, Aipu provide much flexible customization for different clients. Such as color, opening, package, and so on

How to order?

Screen panel size, tensioning way, opening size, color, any special requirements? Or send us the picture of present screen you wish to replace. Certainly you’ll get best offer very soon.

Kindly come to us for more details. Not only for urethane screen panel, but also other shaker screens. Aipu is your ideal partner.


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