Why high-quality wire mesh screens requested for shaker

Wire mesh screens are referred as the shale shaker screen. Wire mesh is the main material of screen panel, it can be said the key issue of screen quality.

Why wire mesh screens are important to shaker?

Wire mesh screens is the filtration medium on shaker. The exact cut point or separation point will help to get clean drilling fluids without cuttings. Durable wire mesh cloth will last long time during operation. The high-quality S.S wire mesh will have a better corrosion-resistant performance, as well as a better performance of the abrasion-resistant

wire mesh screens

wire mesh screens

So we have to make sure the raw material qualified and keep screens high-quality. How to select high quality wire mesh? The raw material of wire should be supplied along with the mill test report, and inspect wire roundness. Or check the wire mesh product with the measuring meter to tell specs and content. Only with the high quality essential materials the shaker screen life and performance are assured.

What is the high-quality wire mesh?

Wire mesh defined the wire mesh screens quality. So the even roundness of wire, the even and exact opening, the high grade of stainless steel, and so on are the issues of high quality wire mesh

wire mesh material

wire mesh material

How to get high quality shaker screen panels

From the wire mesh cloth to the supporting frame. Checking the manufacturer or supplier qualification. Checking the information and files from supplier, if professional or not. Requesting the sample for test if possible

Provide the right actual working condition to suppliers and get the suggestion from them. Proper configuration should be based on your requirements and working condition. This will impact quality performance during operation

Shake screen loading

Shake screen loading

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