Shaker screen replacement for SWACO shaker

Shaker screen replacement for M-I SWACO shaker including many different types and model. Please lets find more detail together

M-I SWACO shaker model and type

M-I SWACO is famous professional manufacturer of drilling mud process equipment and system. They have many types of shale shaker and are popular with huge quantity users all over the world. Such as the M-I SWACO ALS shakers, BEM-3 shaker, BEM-6 shaker, MD series shaker, the Mongoose & MEERKAT series shaker, 2X6 shaker, and SWECO 4X3 shaker.

Shaker screen replacement

Shaker screen replacement

Listed shakers utilize various of shaker screens. And all of them have different screen area. Among these shakers there are linear motion, balanced elliptical motion, even dual motion ones. Just depends on users’ preference and actual working condition. The treating capacity will vary significantly as well

Shaker screen replacement of above shakers

According to shaker model there are seven series screen. Including ALS series, BEM-3 series, BEM-6 series, MD-2/MD-3 series screen, MONGOOSE / MEERKAT series screen, 2×6 series screen and 4×3 series screen. We find there are 6 different size/dimensions of screen

If we divide shaker screen replacement as per SWACO division there are DURAFLO composite, plastic back hook strip, metal back, unbonded hook strip, metal back hook strip, pretensioned screen.

There are many mesh types of SWACO shaker screen including MG, HC, XL XR. Different mesh type come from different configuration with the screen cloth. Such as combination of wire mesh hole shape and wire diameter are different

Aipu shaker screen replacement for M-I shaker

We Aipu produce shaker screens for almost makes and models of shaker shaker. Presently, our shaker screen replacement for M-I Swaco including Mongoose/MEERKAT, ALS, BEM series, and 4×3 series shaker, etc.

Compared with original SWACO shaker screens Aipu shaker screen are more competitive. Based on original screen technology we improve ourselves by and by. Now our clients are all satisfied with our steel frame screen, composite frame screen, etc. Our screen service life and general quality are appreciated by our users

Aipu keep moving continuously. Now we’ve developed a new mould for Mongoose composite frame screen. It is more beautiful than former Duraflo screen. If you are interested, please contact us for free sample


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