Replacement 4×5 shaker screen at Aipu solids control

Replacement 4×5 shaker screen is popular with many clients since its cost-effectiveness compared to other model screens. What brand shaker is it? What is the detail?

Replacement 4×5 shaker screen information

4×5 Shaker screen is the screen for shaker holding basket sized 4’x5′. The screen size is about 48″x60″. It could be unbonded or bonded type. The backplate can be metal or plastic. However, most users prefer the plastic bonded one.

This model screen can be configured as a double layer or a triple layer. Mesh size is market size per almost clients’ demand. Such as 20×60 mesh, 20×80 mesh, and so on. The most top-hole drilling a 20×40 mesh combination will be a satisfactory performance on solids removal.

Replacement 4x5 shaker screen

Replacement 4×5 shaker screen

4×5 shaker screen replacement makes

How many 4×5 shaker is there? Who make 4×5 shaker screens replacement? NOV Brandt fabricated 4X5 shaker, Double Life fabricated DLC4X5 shaker, also there is Rumba 4×5 shaker. Shaker screens are from M-I SWACO, NOV Brandt, FSI, Aipu solids, and so on

Such screen bonded with plastic back will weigh about 4kg. Some users will request un-bonded type 4×5 screen. The un-bonded screen is single layer type. Its mesh size is market grad, too. Such as 40 mesh, 20 mesh, 10 mesh. However, kindly suggest such screen use a thicker wire based on same mesh size.

Aipu 4×5 shaker screens replacement

According to our record and clients’ feedback, the plastic back bonded screen is more popular. Our replacement 4×5 shaker screen is bonded with a plastic back with rectangular grids.  Screen cloths we use are high-quality true S.S304. If it is fine mesh the material will be S.S316

Cater for different customers’ preference we’ll suggest S.S304-316L as options. Based on their budget also the quality level they prefer.

4×5 shaker screen at Aipu will be packed as 2 panels per carton. And usually 20 cartons per plywood box. Such packages are seaworthy and durable.

Please feel free to contact Aipu for more detail


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