Replace API shaker screens for sale at Aipu solids

Replace API shaker screens are the screens for the different model and make shakers. The screens conform to API RP13C

Replace API shaker screens

API Shaker screens are the screen panels for shale shaker and conform to API RP13C. The API size including API 10, API 20, API 40, API 100, API 230, API 300, and so on. We talked about API size many times before, it is a cut point or separation point range sized microns.

For example, API 100 means the screen opening size is 137.5~165 microns. So different screen manufactures may produce API 100 with  140microns, 154 microns, and  160 microns, and so on. However, all of them are API 100 based on D100 cut point rule

There are many replacement shaker screen at AIPU

Replace API shaker screens

Replace API shaker screens

AIPU replacement screen

Aipu is professional manufacturer on solids control and shaker screens. There are hundred of shaker screen types all over the world. We can manufacture almost different screen for different makes and model

Such as the screen replacement for NOV Brandt Cobra, and VSM300, for M-I SWACO Mongoose&MD, for Derrick FLC500&HYP and so on.

The popular size including API 40, API 80, API 100, API 120, API 140, API 170, API 200, API 230, API 270. Others sizes are not as hot as these. Please let us know if you have a special requirement

Why you need API Shaker screen?

Replace API shaker screens ensure a relatively same cut point. For example, API 100 cut point is 137.5~160μm D100. For example, when a well is drilled at a certain depth under a certain ground condition the drilling cuttings generated as 137.5~160mcirons we need API 100 screen to remove the solids

If we use shaker screen conformed to API RP13C the cuttings will be separated out of drilling fluids as we expected. If we don’t use API conformed screen, we use market grade mesh the result may be different with our expectation and clean mud may not meet further requirement

API mesh size is a standard to make screen selection easy. It’s necessary to tell supplier or manufacturer API size of screen for a better solution.


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