Shaker screen packages for different screen and clients

Shaker screen packages including internal and external package. For different shaker screen, the packages vary.

Screen panel types

There are many different types of shaker screen panel. Including framed type and hook strip type. Frame or hook strip type screen including flat and corrugation panel. Frame type screen is the screen cloth on a steel frame. We weld punched sheet and steel tube together and put wire mesh cloth on the structure. Then they  become shaker screen panel

For hook strip type, we put punched sheet and wire mesh cloth together and fold up the strip side. According to clients’ requirements, we make corrugation or not.

Besides above metal type panels, there are composite and polyurethane screen, too. But there is no corrugation polyurethane screen panel.


Shaker screen packages

Usually we pack frame type screen as one panel per carton. For the hook strip screen, we pack two panels in one carton box. No matter it is flat panel or with peaks. We put cardboard on screen panel top to protect the screen surface

And for external package, we put 10-25 cartons into plywood case or onto the plywood pallet. If put screens into cases we’ll put a film before laying cartons. If we put screens onto pallets, we’ll wrap all  pallets completely with film

External packages are with legs for fork lift or pallet truck. According to quantity of screens under certain order, we pack different numbers of screen per package. For example, some clients order 3000 panels of replacement Cobra screen, we pack 30 panels per case

We also consider the container size and loading volume to pack the screens. This will help to use the container most effective and properly

How to pack screens for you

We pack screens as per screen type, quantity and the container size. We consider the shipment method, such as by sea, by train, or by air.

Besides the standard package, we provide custom-built service on packages. We also provide custom-built services on sticker or labels with special logo or mark according to customers’ requirement.

Please feel free to contact us for any demand or interest. You will get the optimal screen solutions at AIPU Solids control.

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