Shaker screen labels/tags

Shaker screen labels also refer to tags. The labels vary significantly on many aspects.

Shaker screen labels information

According to latest API RP13C, the shaker screen label should be indicated with API number, cut point, conductance, non-blanked area, manufacturer mesh size designation, manufacturer name, manufacture origin

Shaker screen labels

Shaker screen labels

API standardized labels provide manufacturers executive code for better interchangeable replacement. Furthermore, if we determine we need to use API 170 screens for solids removal then simply pick a screen labeled API from any manufacturer is more easy and convenient.

No matter shaker screens were tested or verified by API or not the necessary information should be mesh size, part number and manufacturer information, etc. These are basic information for users’ selection and comparison.

Some shaker screen manufacturer will put more details on shaker screen labels. Such as screen replacement for which makes or model, the weight and size, the batch number or product date, etc. Even some manufacturer will print bar code

Shaker screen tag types

Similar with all other products, shaker screen tags are various too. Including the PVC type, the metal type, the paper, the special label paper, sticky label paper, and so on. Some shaker screens may can be only printed or stamped with numbers.

According to above different tags material the fixing means are different too. We can hold it on plate with clinch bolts, or press it under sealing ribs on any of 2 sides. Or we can glue it with heavy viscosity glue. Moreover, the tags colors are many options. Including the white, green, red, yellow, etcetera.

Anyway, please make sure the shaker screen labels are steady and hard to be moved. Since during handling and transportation we may face many rude worker. Furthermore, the tags on cartons or packages should be clear and tidy enough for operator easy selection

Aipu shaker screen label

Usually, we Aipu shaker screen provide the yellow label with the sticky label plastic label. This will be more durable and sticky. On our labels, usually, they are conform with API RP13C requirements. Sometimes, we have to make it according to our clients’ preference

Please come to us for more detail on shaker screen and the labels



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