Screen tags for shaker screen compliant with API RP13C

Screen tags for shaker screen is important to indicate screen information.

Screen tags content to indicate

Different manufacturer or supplier will provide different screen tags. The information may vary from each other, however, the main information including mesh size, relative API designation, screen dimension. We indicate complete information on tag is more convenient for client or user to pick proper screen during operation

Some tags will indicate manufacturer name, the origin, also the replaces screen model number. The batch number and produce date

Screen tags

Screen tags

API screen label

Screens conform to API RP13C is requested to indicate information as below. API Designation, manufacturer screen model number, cut point(D100), the manufacturer name, origin.

The NBA and the Conductance is not a must item indicated on label. Besides above information, some of the screen tag also indicate the produce date, batch number, packed screen quantity per carton

Many clients don’t understand difference between API designation and mesh size. Considering the convenience and interchangeability on screen use, API size does help much on screen selection. For example, when we drill an oil well at 2000m depth, the solid content is main sand. The screen size may request API 170. So, when we replace screens the size should be API 170 but don’t need to consider the mesh size or the different configuration. We need to consider the particle size and separation point will be ok

screen tag

screen tag

How to get screen labeled as per request?

Please contact us if you order screen from AIPU. You will get screen labeled according to your or users’ requirement. No matter the pattern, including your logo or not, tag color, tag size, tag numbers per screen, and so on

Besides screen tag, the screens can be configured according to your actual demand, too. We know many clients have their own configuration on screen panels. The panels will conform to different API designation. Come to us, you are highly welcome to tell exact demand and requirements.

We are confident you will get the best screens made in China.

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