Derrick shaker screens replacement

Derrick shaker screens replacement including many different types. Both OEM ones and replacement for other makes and models shaker. Well, Aipu shaker screen provides you cost-efficient replacement for Derrick almost shaker

Derrick shaker screens replacement

Derrick shaker screens replacement

Derrick shaker screens replacement

For Derrick shaker models, there are FLC500 series, FLC2000 series, DP600, Hyperpool, FLC300 series, etcetera. Both shale shaker and mud cleaners. The detail model number is FLC503, FLC504, FLC513, FLC514, FLC2000-3, FLC2000-4, FLC313, and so on.

The shaker screens are hook strap screen including the flat panel, PMD and PMD+ panel. There are also polyurethane soft screen and polyurethane screen. Furthermore, they also produce the corrugated panel for other makes shaker. Such as VSM series, Cobra series shaker, Mongoose shaker and so on.

Derrick shaker screens configuration are DX, HP, and DF mesh types. But for bonding materials there are common and HT ones. The configuration of screen layers & mesh holes differ on wire diameter, aperture, and mesh size. These issues lead different conductance, cut point. The API sizes are API 35~API 325

Aipu replacement shaker screen for Derrick

Presently, Aipu shaker screen provide almost screens for Derrick shaker. Except the scalping deck 600 series screen panel, and the PMD+ screens. We produce high quality FLC500 series screen, 48×30 shaker screen, 600 series hook strap screen, the Hyperpool screen and so on.

Based on clients’ requirement we can provide the corrugated screen panel of VSM300 and Cobra as well. Please find more information on our website and give us any comment if you like. Our price is rather competitive. So no matter you are end user or supplies company, you will definitely get optimal solutions at cost-effective basis. The mesh size are available from API35 to API 325.

How to order from Aipu?

Why do you order from Aipu? The main technician of Aipu shaker screen have engaged in shaker screens over 15 years. Our screens were proved at rig site and appreciated by many users. Actual feedback will give you more confidence. We promise clients cost-efficient solution, and continuously improvement under customer-oriented rule. Our shaker screens are API RP13C conformed. All the material are high quality and guaranteed.

When you place order please indicate detail information for best offer. Including makes and model, mesh size, appearance, or any special requirements on color, etc.

Contact us now for high quality Derrick shaker screens replacement free sample!


Derrick, FLC,Hyperpool are marks of Derrick Corporation
NOV Brandt, VSM, Cobra, King Cobra are marks of Varco I/P, Inc.
MONGOOSE are marks of M-I LLC.


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