1000 panels of shaker screen are ready to deliver

Shaker screen is always a popular product at Aipu. During past 1 month we’ve finished over 1000 panels of shaker screen. Among these orders, there are about 100 panels of shaker screen are ready to deliver overseas

Shaker screen to be delivered

There are replacement screen for Derrick DP600 series screen, KPT 28 screen, Mongoose screen, and the VSM300 shaker screen.

Mesh sizes are from API 40 to API 270. The patterns including flat and corrugated panel. Some of them are steel framed, while some of them are composite framed. Most of the orders were from regular clients.

shaker screen to deliver

shaker screen to deliver

Some of order have been shipped by air or by sea, while about 1000 panels of screen are ready to deliver overseas by sea. Please find some picture as your reference

Why AIPU shaker screen?

Aipu shaker screens are high quality and right fit replacement. Compared with others brand Aipu screen is the real competitive and cost-efficient solution to all users.

Our shaker screens, no matter framed or hook strap one, almost will last over 15 days even over 22 days. No matter the flat pattern or pyramid pattern.

Please contact us if you are interested in sample test. As per your condition and demand, we will provide you free sample with a certain quantity.

High-quality shaker screens

High-quality shaker screens

AIPU will provide custom built service, too. Such as OEM, Special configuration, the cartons, tags, and so on.

How to order screen replacement at Aipu?

Please tell us what model screen replacement do you need. And how many panels, what mesh size or API size you need. If you are not sure of shaker screen or shaker model please tell us the screen dimension. It can’t be better to have drawings or picture from you when you don’t have exact model number or a dimension.

Almost replacement screen fits present shaker all over the world can be made by AIPU. Please feel free to contact us if you do have demand or any interest.


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