Replacement Derrick DX 140 shaker screen

Replacement Derrick DX shaker screen information

To confirm right replacement screen for Derrick DX shaker screen we have to get all related specs cleared. Such as the dimension, the wire cloth configuration, detail mesh size and so on. DX shaker screen of Derrick means extra fine cloth. And the open area percentage is up to 68. It is designed to maximize capacity but maintain cut point integrity, and minimize the near-size particles blinding.

DX shaker screen cloth hole is square shape. Mesh size are available from DX38 to DX250. However, now the screens are sized from DX-A35 to DX-A200. The difference is the screen executive code. Former ones are classified under API RP13E standard while present screen mesh size are all conforming with API RP 13C.

DX 140 shaker screen

DX Shaker screen cloth

DX Shaker screen cloth

DX140 shaker screen equals to DX A100 also API 100. The designation is cut point-154 microns, conductance in PWP, PMD are 1.36 and 2.3 kd/mm. DX 140 shaker screen are available for almost Derrick FLC500 shaker, 48×30 shaker, etcetera. As well as replacement screen for other makes and models shaker.

With different design and appearance the DX 140 screen non blanked area is from 4.07 to 12.1 sq.ft. Actually, the mesh size is no relation with non-blanked area. That meant, under same design, dimension, configuration with different mesh size the non blanked area are same. For example, DX100 and DX250 48x30PMD screen replacement are holding same non blanked area

More replacement shaker screen for Derrick

Regarding Derrick shaker screen, but not limited DX shaker screen. If we focus on shaker screen designation or screen cloth configuration the more different shaker screen replacement for Derrick including HP, DF, etc.

For example, There are DF165 screens equaling to DF-A120 in API 120, while HP150 equals to HP-A 120 conform to API 120 as well. The difference between them is conductance. The cut point are almost same (121 microns and 120 microns)

To users, they wish get high quality replacement shaker screen with compliance on API size, as well as completely interchangeable features. So we must confirm all key issues well for best solution.


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