Packages of shale shaker screens information for your reference

Packages of shale shaker screens including the internal packing and external packing. There are cartons and pallets or cases. Below contents will show you more reference and help you with package selection.

Different types of packages

We have shared over 15 years experience in making shaker screens, there are hundreds of clients or users. So, there are many different types of packages. As per material, there are carton box, plywood case, plywood pallet, wooden box, wooden pallet, plastic pallet, and so on.

As per screen quantities and screen types, we pack them in many different ways. Such as 20 panels per case, or 25 panels per pallet, 2 panels per carton or 3 panels per carton. Considering the most efficiency of container use, some clients even don’t use pallets or cases. They load screens with cartons directly into containers.

Packages of shale shaker screens

Packages of shale shaker screens

How to confirm packages of shale shaker screens?

Based on shaker screens ordered, such as steel framed panels. If the screens are replacement Mongoose type, we’ll suggest 20 panels per case. No matter you ship it by air or by sea, no matter book ship as LCL or FCL it’s convenient to pack and load them. Each panel is packed in each carton, and 20 cartons on 1 pallet or in 1 case.

Yes, if you ship small quantity of screen by air, we suggest packing them on pallets. That will save space and weight. Finally the shipping cost is lower.

If you place an order on the corrugated hook strap screens, no matter it’s replacement for FLC500 or HYP or FLC2000, we’ll pack them as 2 panels per carton, and 8-10 cartons per case.

Besides considering screen size and quantity, we also need to consider container internal dimension and volume. For example, a standard 40’HQ holds internal dimension as 11.9×2.3×2.65m. Let’s take Mongoose replacement screen as an example. We’ll suppose ship a full container of such screens to you. Each case loads 25 panels with overall dimension 1225x640x1250mm. The 40’HQ can load 54 cases and totally 1350 panels of screen. Considering the shipping cost, the more screens we can load once the less cost on each panel.

Packages of AIPU shaker screens are very recognizable. Including cartons, they are stronger, more durable and easy to close/open. And on the cartons, there are special tags that resist water.

What other information you may be interested in?

As a manufacturer of shaker screens, we have faced many different requirements from customers. They may request the neutral package, or the ODM, OEM packages. We are pleased to tell you we can make tags, labels, and cartons with your logo or symbol.

You may ask, how many panels can be packed with your own logo? Kindly suggest no less than 300 panels. We won’t add the extra cost, however, it takes a bit longer time during the design and confirmation of packages. So we evaluate the time cost, too.

There are orders on the different quantity of screens, according to your certain order we’ll pack screens in different ways. So, if you do have special requirements, we can meet them, too.

AIPU screens are packed well for different shipment ways. No matter by truck, train, air, or sea you’ll receive them in good condition. If there is any damage to the screen itself we’ll send the panel to you for free.

Is there any further questions? Contact us freely? You’ll get the satisfied solutions to the shaker screen and relatives soon.


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