Rare shaker screen demand in oilfield

Rare shaker screen demand means the screen rarely used in oilfield all over the world. Compared to famous and popular screens, they are more difficult to find the right fit replacement.

Rare shaker screen types

We ever talked about oilfield shaker screens and shaker screen manufacturers in the world. There are thousands of shaker screen manufacturers and thousands of shaker screen types. Not only the screen models, but also the dimension and materials.

Based on present data we hold, the rare shaker screen types are almost from some solids control manufacturer or mud recycling equipment company. Such as the screen for RCS160, the RCT500, SCR-1, DFT, AX, PILCHUK, so on.

They all have different dimensions and features. To be honest, although they are not famous, the quality and performance are appreciated by users. So many users would like to seek the screen for lower cost and continuous good performance of shaker

Aipu manufacture rare shaker screens

Aipu is professional manufacturer, not only on the screen technique, fabrication, but also the sufficient shaker screen knowledge and information. The professional ability also reflects on custom built capability.

We Aipu solids control, besides replacement shaker screen for famous brand and models also manufacture the rare shaker screens for users. No matter what type, what dimension, we’ll finally provide you the satisfied solutions

Rare shaker screen

Rare shaker screen

What do we need when quote rare screen?

To give all users best solution and competitive price, we kindly suggest clients send us as more detail as possible. Such as the shaker model number, screen picture, the screen dimension, the installation way, the appearance, and so on

For reasonable price and most cost-efficiency we kindly suggest tell us the quantity you need. Because, sometimes, we may need to make special device or mould to finish a shaker screen. If you do have large quantity demand we kindly suggest inquire us to send the sample for your test. Only after all process proceeded well the result will be pleased one.

To know more about the rare shaker screen replacement please contact Aipu freely


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