Replacement pyramid screen panels available at AIPU

Replacement pyramid screen panels are the corrugated screen panels with peaks. What pyramid screens are there at AIPU?

Aipu manufactures high-quality replacement pyramid screen panels

The replacement pyramid screens including many different models. Such as for Derrick FLC500 series shaker, for FLC2000 series shaker, for HYP series shaker, and the DP600 series shaker.

For the NOV Brandt, there are corrugated Cobra series screen replacement. While for SWACO, there are Mongoose series screen pyramid panels.

Replacement pyramid screen panels

Replacement pyramid screen panels

Why use pyramid type shaker screen?

The pyramid shaker screen is holding about 25mm height peak. These peaks occupy larger screen area get larger effective filtration area. Usually, the pyramid screen panels can provide 25% larger filtration area than normal flat panel.

Furthermore, compared to flat panel screens, the pyramid ones hold higher efficiency and better filtration result. Larger filtration area, higher filtration efficiency attract users’ appreciation

What are details about AIPU replacement pyramid screen panels

The pyramid shaker screens can be tensioned type and framed type. The framed pyramid screens can be steel frame or composite frame. For example, we make steel framed pyramid screen replaces for Cobra series screen, as well as the Mongoose steel framed one

Corrugated Mongoose screen

Pyramid Mongoose screen

The mesh sizes are same range as common screen panels, from API 40 to API 325. Compared to steel framed corrugated screen panels, the composite ones are much easier to manufacture. While the composite pyramid screen panels hold lower peaks than steel framed ones

How to order AIPU corrugated screens?

Tell us what type of shaker you are operating now. How many panels and what mesh size do you need. If you have preference on frame material? And the screen panels colors you prefer. If any other special requirements, such as package, configuration, and so on

Please leave comments below let us know which screens do you need? What types do you prefer? You will be the lucky dog to get free sample.


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