High quality screen replaces for different models shaker

High quality screen replaces for different makes shaker are available at AIPU solids control. Such as SWACO Mongoose series, Derrick FLC series, NOV Cobra series, and so on

Shaker models

There are many famous brand shaker and many shaker models. Derrick, M-I SWACO, NOV Brandt, AXIOM, FSI, KEMTRON, etcetera. The famous shaker model including FLC500 series, FLC2000 series, DP600 series, HyperPool series.

Swaco Mongoose series, MD series, ALS series, Meerkat series. SWECO HHS, 4×3 series and so on. NOV Brandt Cobra series, LCM series, 4×5 series, VSM100, VSM300, VSM Multi-sizer, etc.

Screen makes

Almost above famous brands shaker manufacturers produce high quality screen and replacement screens. The screens available at AIPU including PWP500, PMD500, DP600, HYP, PolyWeb. Screen size ranged from API 20 to API 400

High-quality replaces screen

High-quality screen replaces

Also the Cobra series screen, VENOM screen, LCM-2D, LCM-3D, D380, P258, VSM100, VSM300, and so on. Screen size ranged from API 20 to API 400

Furthermore, the Mongoose series screen, the Meerkat screen, the MD series screen. These are almost composite framed. Some clients prefer the steel framed Mongoose series

No matter which genuine makes screens, Aipu will provide you best replacement at competitive cost.

High quality screen replaces price at Aipu solids

Price for replacement screen panel is about 1/3 even 1/5 of original shaker screen. However, the service life is almost same as genuine one. Almost PMD and PWP screen last as long as the original screen under the same working condition

The framed screen, no matter steel or composite frame the screens last over 20 days averagely. Our popular sizes are from API70 to API270. The popular model including PMD500 and PMD600, also the MD series screen

We promise you a similar working time of our screen replacement. If not, you’ll get the refund. We trust under the same working condition, the same operation you’ll get same high-quality performance on our screen replaces.


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