Special shaker screens for customer

Special shaker screens here are the screen panels with special design or size, and so on

Special shaker screens features

Such shaker screen panels are different with other types on screen size. Such as the length, width, and height. Some screens have to be designed with special opening or aperture.  Some screens are designed with special structure

Moreover, there is different design on color, and material. For example, most of our screens are green colors on the metal framed and hook strap screens. Some of our clients will prefer the orange color. For the composite framed screen, we have orange one and black ones. however, some customer prefer the green one

Special screen panels

Special screen panels

Custom built items available

The color can be customized with painting material, the colored composite material. For screens with metal back plate and frame, we’ll use different painting powder and the glue material to achieve different color appearance

For the composite materials, we’ll put the colored PP, PE materials for frame injection. Then the frame will become you preferred color.

Special shaker screens

Special shaker screens

Another issue can be customized is punched holes on panel. There are square, rectangular, hexagonal, triangle, and so on. However, now most of our screen are  with square and rectangular holes on surface panel.

Screen and layers configuration are customizable. For example, 120 mesh and 140 mesh can be both at API 100, or API 120. The difference is screen layers, wire mesh diameter, mesh size.

Also, the panel pattern on flat or corrugated is the custom built item. For some screen with special dimension, we can provide you pyramid pattern for larger screen area.

How to get customized shaker screen?

Special shaker screens are for special customers. No matter the overall size, or the mesh configuration, appearance. You just tell us what you need exactly. Some items will be supplied at MOQ.

However, we promise you’ll get what you’ve paid. Send us screen size, mesh size or API, pattern, quantity, color and so on. Call us now~


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