How to calculate screen consumption for drilling rig?

Screen consumption is an important factor evaluate drilling cost or oil exploration cost. Proper operation or use on screen can certainly help to control cost well.

How to calculate screen consumption?

We know our shale shakers are fit with multiple panels screen. Such as 3 panel, or 4 panel, some are even five panels. Usually, we assume all of panels wear at the same time. For example, Hunter-MG4 shaker fit with 4 panels of API 140 screen. We assume all screen panels broken in 20 days. As the average life span of screen is about 20 days. So, every set shaker in 20 days will cost 4 panels screen

Screen consumption

Screen consumption

We know some drilling site request not only 1 set of shaker, but 2 or 3 sets. That means  you need screen consumption number by shaker quantity in a certain period.

That’s the general and simple calculation. It’s very useful and good reference for users

Any other details on screen consumption?

Yes. For sure. Some shaker screens during operation may not be damaged or broken. Some of them can be re-fit on shakers. So, when we remove screens please pay attention on cleaning and handling

AIPU Screen detail

AIPU Screen detail

We kindly suggest wash screen panels after every operation shift. And store the panels properly. When we do the purchase plan we can deduct panels in hand.


Purchase plan on shaker screens

Initially we calculate screen consumption based on shaker quantity, screen quantity, as well as suggestion from supplier. But after operation for a while, we will find some difference between plan and practice

Then we should do the purchase or stock plan as per practical information. Because there are many different drilling condition, mud property. Some shaker screens may last 20 days, some may just last 7 days.

Furthermore, screen panel at different position of shaker deck perform different. The panel at discharge end will last longer than the panel under feeder box

Please contact us freely if you have further question or any demand on shaker screen consumption


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