Oilfield shaker screen at AIPU solids control for sale

Oilfield shaker screen is an important wearing parts for whole well drilling. Shaker screen is critical parts to whole shaker. Screen quality impacts much on shakers quality and performance

What kind of oilfield shaker screen you need?

Considering the filtration performance and effect we need the high conductance screen panel. If we consider the service life, we may need the screen with thicker wire. If you prefer larger filtration area and decrease the mud loss, kindly suggest corrugated or pyramid screen panels

Oilfield shaker screen

Oilfield shaker screen

The types or model of screen is defined by the shaker you operate. However, we can decide to use the steel framed or composite framed. Or, we need flat panel or PMD panels. Also the screen material, we can select higher grade S.S316L or we just use S.S304L

AIPU Oilfield screen panels for sale

There are tens of types of shaker screen available at AIPU Solids control. Almost of our screens are used in oilfield. The popular models including Mongoose replacement screen, and the composite framed ones are more popular

high quality screen panel

high quality screen panel

Also the 500 series, 48×30 series, the DP600 series, the VSM300 series, also the Cobra series. The mesh size are from API 40 to API 325. Almost of the API size are used during oil drilling since different drilling condition and depth will request different result or function of shaker

Why AIPU shaker screen?

Aipu provide the right fit shaker screens with high quality. You can get one stop solution here. The shaker screen quality and high cost-efficiency is our core strength. And we are proud to provide customized service for clients

You can enjoy pre-sales service consultant, and after-sales service. We will provide you complete service on screen selection, operation and proper maintenance. Furthermore, we provide parts for shaker screen repair. Such as the rubber plug for Mongoose screen, for our replacement Cobra screen, for the customized panels even

Please feel free to contact AIPU for any question or interest. We can provide you sample for your test and make sure you’ll get qualified panels.


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