Shale shaker spring for different shakers for sale

Shale shaker spring is a component provide damping effect. The spring quality and feature will help we to get a better process when stop shaker

Shale shaker spring types and features

Most of the spring are made of high quality special spring steel. However, some of the springs or we call it as float amount/absorber is made of rubber or combined rubber and steel. For example, Derrick®️ shakers and cleaners will be mounted with the rubber. While NOV Brandt and M-I SWACO utilize the steel spring

Shale shaker spring

Shale shaker spring

Even for springs made of same material, there are different types. Such as steel springs φ76x180x6mm thickness, and φ85x150x8mm. For springs made of rubber, there are springs installed lateral or vertical and rubbers with different hardness

Difference among springs

Compared with rubber springs, the steel springs is more durable but less absorb effect. The springs made of steel holding more flexibility we can find this when stop shaker. And the steel bending feature is not easy to occur the deformation or aged situation

The rubber float amount will provide a lower decibel during operation. And after stopping shaker, the shaker basket will not shake as much as steel spring mounted shaker. And it will come down sooner

Spring for sale

Spring for sale

What springs AIPU provide?

On our own Hunter series shaker, we provide the steel springs. This will save users’ maintenance cost in a long term operation. The springs are heavy duty and reliable.

Furthermore, we can provide the replacement shale shaker spring for other models and makes shaker. No matter you need rubber ones or steel ones, you will get the right fit ones.

Steel springs

Steel springs

Please find pictures for your reference. Now do you have demand on spring replacement? How many do you need? What model do you need? Kindly leave comments below or call us now. You will get free offer. If you place order on or before 5th May you will enjoy discount up to 8%


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