Extra large shale shaker for drilling mud process

Extra large shale shaker is the shaker holding large treating capacity. They are efficient and high productivity. They can be multiple deck or the multiple tandem.

Extra large shale shaker summary

They can be dual tandem, triple tandem or even quadruple tandem for large flow rate and a better treatment result. Some extra large shale shakers are the multiple deck shaker. Usually there are 2 decked or 3 decked shaker used for drying or at offshore platform

Extra large shale shaker

Extra large shale shaker

Here “Large”  referred to both screen area and the treating capacity. So, single shaker area and the whole screen area of shakers combination will affect performance. It can be linear motion or BEM, and even dual motion. Shaker screens can be different types of tensioning way. What other difference?

Other information of extra large shaker

For almost extra large shaker on land drilling, they are multiple tandem design. So based on 2 sets or 3 sets single shaker, we’ll design the T through as mud flow divider. This will help to treat large quantity mud in time easily.

And even with very fine screen, the shaker will perform very well. No mud loss with good separation result. High efficiency and compact for different drilling site.

Multiple tandem shakers

Multiple tandem shakers

Application of large shaker

They can be used in drilling mud solids control system onshore. For 7000m well drilling or even deeper one.  They can be used in offshore platform with multiple deck design. Or they can be used as finer separation before dry shaker or centrifuge.

We put Ultra large shaker on tank as primary process on drilling fluids. Their role is shaker and mud cleaner. The difference will be screen mesh size on primary shaker and subsequent shaker but before dry shaker

That means we don’t need the hydrocyclone separators but shaker, shaker, dry shaker, centrifuge, and so on. This proposal is suitable for drilling waste management or zero-dsicharge mud treatment.

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